There’s a fire inside us all.
Silently blazing, pushing us to do more, go further.
When everything else says stop, no more,
and pleads for you to quit, the fire charges onward.
Fueled by desire. By ambition. By courage.
It’s the fire that gets you out of bed in the morning
and through your day with verve.
It’s the fire that gets you over that peak,
and through that meeting,
and into the new week ready for anything.
At Health Warrior, we fuel that fire.
With wholesome, nutritious, convenient foods.
So you know it will always be there, inside you,
fueled the right way, with the right foods.

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Tour de france, world pediatric project, ultramarathoner

Zoë Romano

Health Warrior

Ultramarathoner and Philanthropist

In 2011, at age 23, Zoë became the first female to run, unsupported, across the United States. Raising more than $17,000 for charity on her transcontinental odyssey, Zoë ran over a marathon’s length each day for 119 days straight. Her newest feat: running the 2,000 mile route of the Tour de France, at a pace of more than 30 miles each day, to raise $100,000 for the World Pediatric Project.

In the spirit of Health Warrior, Zoë’s mission is to share the message that anyone can be great —you just have get up and go, one day at a time.

Follow her journey:

Crossfit, Health Warrior, Chia Seeds, Nutrition, Health Coach

Erika Sheffer

Health Warrior

Certified Health Coach, CrossFit Trainer

Erika is a passionate health coach and CrossFit trainer whose greatest loves include kale, her dog Olive Oil, weightlifting, and cooking up healthy dishes in the kitchen. Her mission in life is to spread the word to all that a healthy lifestyle is a stylish one, and vice versa. She’s here to shout it from the rooftops: “wellness looks good on everyone!” That’s what makes her a true Health Warrior.

Erika lives on an organic farm in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia where she is learning to raise chickens and grow her own produce.

Follow her blog here.


Curtis Williams

Health Warrior

Former NFL Superstar, Personal Trainer

Curtis’s inspiring energy and passion for fitness helped him become an NFL superstar and now encourages his athletes to accept nothing less than greatness. That’s why he’s a true Health Warrior.

uptown pilates owner, pilates instructor, new york, nyc

Mika Street

Health Warrior

Founder of Uptown Pilates NYC

Mika’s passion for wellness started early. Friends grabbed pop tarts while Mika ate flax (today replaced by Health Warrior Chia). At age 8 she found her love of movement. First fed by dance, then soccer, lacrosse, and eventually marathons. When a stress fracture sidelined her, Pilates quenched her endorphin needs.

Her love of Pilates led her to open studios, voted by clients the “Best Pilates Studios in NYC” for four years in a row. After 9 years, Mika sold the business, but continues to teach the Pilates method she believes so strongly in. Her commitment to living a healthy life and sharing her Pilates passion makes her a Health Warrior!


Deyl Kearin

Health Warrior


Deyl is passionate about personal growth. Breaking his own barriers and limitations motivates him to always go further, push harder. That’s what makes him a true Health Warrior.


Amanda Russell

Health Warrior

Celebrity Fitness Expert, The AR Program Founder

Amanda’s mission is to help motivate and educate others to transform their own lives through health, fitness and proper nutrition. As a top-rated writer, keynote speaker, Olympic-trained athlete, model and spokeswoman, Amanda is one of the industry’s leading experts.

Highlighted to have “the unique ability to truly engage with the audience and make you believe that transformation is possible,” Amanda is able to spur change in people — making her a true Health Warrior.

Subscribe to her online workout channel, check out her fitness & diet plans, or download her mobile app to get fit and stay healthy. For more get-up-and-go inspiration, connect with Amanda on her websitefacebook or twitter.




Holly Rilinger

Health Warrior

founder of holly rilinger fitness & training camp

Holly’s passion for fitness is rooted in her professional and collegiate basketball career. Driven by a competitive fire that was ignited at the age of 6, Holly decided early on that she would one day be a professional basketball player. At 5’4, the odds were stacked against her. Yet with heart, discipline and belief, Holly’s collegiate and professional career became
a reality.

Her mantra-GO FOR IT-makes her a true Health Warrior.

Triathlete Triathlon Winner Christine Kenney

Health Warrior

Iron Woman, Triathlete

Christine’s mantra — work hard, race hard, play hard — is what gets her through long work weeks and even longer training sessions. Racing (and winning!) Triathalons and Ironman Races across the country, she doesn’t let her 70-hour-a-week work schedule stop her from being a true Health Warrior.

Christine lives and works in New York City, with her two dogs.


Eric Rohnacher

Health Warrior

Ultramarathoner & Adventure Athlete

Eric’s goal in life is to see as much of the planet as possible… on foot.  A seemingly normal business guy during the week, he has grown accustomed to pushing himself to extremes.  Eric founded his passion by successfully enduring multi-day physical events – some of which are the most grueling races on the planet.  Understanding that physicality is only a small element of success in endurance races, he aims to inspire others to push beyond their own mental limitations.


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