Nutrient-dense foods like Chia Seeds allow you to feel fuller for longer.

What is Chia?
Chia is the ultimate superfood. Extremely nutrient - dense, Chia seeds are packed with heart healthy omega 3's, fiber, protein and antioxidants - but the health benefits of Chia do not stop there. The soluble fiber in Chia causes each tiny seed to absorb about nine times its weight when submerged in liquid. The part that swells is soluble fiber which takes more time to travel through the digestive tract (keeping you full for longer) and helping slow the speed that sugar is absorbed into body, keeping your energy level even.
1 Bag of Chia equals



10 lbs. of Salmon More heart healthy omega 3 than even salmon.
4 lbs. of 1% Milk Want strong bones? Chia has more calcium than milk.
3 lbs. of Tofu Chia seeds have more protein than any other plant based food, including tofu.
4lbs. of Oatmeal Chia seeds have more fiber than your morning bowl of oats.
15 lbs. of Broccoli Magnesium is essential to absorbing calcium. Chia's chock full of it.



Get More For Less

Health Warrior Chia Bars are small, but don't doubt their power. Nutrient - dense foods like Chia Seeds allow you to feel fuller from less.

These delicious Chia Bars come in three flavors: Acai Berry, Coconut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Plus, they're packed with all of the health benefits of Chia Seeds, in a convenient on-the-go package - for nutrition, satisfaction, and energy that lasts all day.

1 Chia Bar has... Just 100 calories + 1000mg Omega 3 + 4g Fiber + Only 5g Sugar + 4g Protein



The Today Show featured Health Warrior in a recent segment on healthy lunch alternatives. Health Warrior Chia Bars were featured as the healthy replacement for the granola bar.

August 31, 2012

"But there is one form of superfuel Rice has quietly begun mixing into his diet: spoonfulsof an obscure Bolivian-grown seed that, he believes, replenishes his energy and helps keep his digestive system humming...

The brand of seeds Rice uses is called Health Warrior."

Reed Albergotti, January 20th, 2012

Among Wall Street's trading desks and bullpens, chia seeds are becoming the stimulant of choice. Healthier than coffee, cheaper (and obviously more legal) than cocaine, and less juvenile than a 5-hour Energy drink, chia has undergone a total metamorphosis from 1980s punchline (Chia Pet's ch-ch-ch-chia jingle still haunts Gen Xers) to superfood.

David Sax, May 24, 2012

Our customers love Health Warrior Chia Bars



Love the size, nutrient content, and ingredients (vegan, gluten-free). Thank you for such a wonderful product. :-) I can't usually stand bars.. And believe me, I've tried them all. Not the case with your Chia Bars. My new favorite pre-race snack! I love Chia Bars as a quick energy boost and only 100 calories!