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    Oct 31
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    Rules for Eating on Marathon Day

      You’ve made it. Months of training, long runs, tempo workouts and more miles than you want to remember are behind you. Now you’re ready for the most exciting day: the marathon. All of your hard work and preparations have gotten you this far. Your “morning-of” fuel is an important final preparation. Remember, this is […]

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    Oct 30
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    5 Marathon Musts (From a Pro)

      The NYC Marathon is almost here! The day you’ve been training for for the past couple months is nearly here, and by this point you’ve done everything possible to prepare for it. Many runners spend so much time and focus preparing and training, that we forget how important race day and race strategy are. […]

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    Sep 25
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    Pose Away Stress With Yoga

    Having a stressful week? Break it down with some stress-free yoga c/o our resident Health Coach, Erika Sheffer

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    Aug 2
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    Fuel Your Workout with Chia

    First, let’s review the undeniably impressive nutritional profile of the chia seed. Just 2 tbsp of chia seeds contain: 4g of protein 7.4g of fat 8.3g of fiber and all 8 essential amino acids (which are crucial for muscle repair and recovery). Chia is also packed with trace minerals and phytonutrients like magnesium, calcium and […]

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    Jul 31
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    How to Navigate a Summer BBQ – the Healthy Way

    Congrats on being healthy this summer! Don’t let the SUMMER BBQ stop you.

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    Mar 28

    5 Natural Ways to Increase Energy

    Erika Sheffer, certified Health Coach, dishes five key ways to increase your energy and feel awesome.


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